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English Class And Random Holiday Socks!

YAY!!! Sarah got me some more random holiday socks! That makes me so happy! Yeah, I when I got to class, the teacher was talking about how when you write a directional essay, you have to give in-depth details. Well, I guess to keep our attention, he decided to demonstrate this by having two people act out a little something. One person was supposed to be the adult, teaching a kid how to tie their shoes. Well, I guess he gets tired of me talking, sleeping, and playing on the internet during class, because he had me act it out……Anywho, I asked If I could be a kid, and if I could act like a five year old, he said that was a great idea. Well, to make really long story short, by the time I learned to tie my shoes, the other girl swore she would never baby-sit, and the teacher almost gave up on the whole thing. However, the rest of the class had a good laugh. Plus it gave us all something to talk about for the rest of class. Yeah, if anyone ever needs a good laugh, give me a call and I’ll give the entire story! Anyways, I just thought about that because I had to take off my shoes, and everyone thought that my socks were super cute!
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