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AHHHHHH Why do teachers like conspiracy theories?

Ok....My paper for my Terrorism and Homeland security class is coming up, and I'm still tossing some ideas around. However, I want something original.....It‘s hard to come up with a topic the is simple but not to broad. I don’t want a bunch of conspiracy theories so I feel simple is the best way to go. In a way I think that they all interlink, making it hard of condense the paper to the set amount of pages. So, tell me what ya'll think.

~Juergensmeyer’s qualities of religious terrorists
~The effects or media on terrorism
~Terrorist Profiling (Frederick J. Hacker)
~United states Extremist Groups, Radical Groups/united States
~The criminology of terrorism
~The advent of religious terrorism
~Financing Terrorism/ passive supporters
~Protecting the Homeland and protecting Civil liberties
~“Warrior dreams”
~Holy terror (Hoffman)
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