dancingurl_dya (dancingurl_dya) wrote,

Do Testimonies Hurt More Then Help?

One of my teachers was talking about how the “Dare Program" never works. In fact, statistics show that the drug use among middle school kids has increased slightly since the start of the program, and yet no one seeks an alternative program. He said that one of the reasons this program doesn’t work is because most every speaker that works with the children have dealt with substantial amounts of drugs in their past. They think that if they tell their “testimony” of how bad it was, then the children will stay away from the drugs. However, many times these children idolize the speaker, wanting to be just like them. They see what there “idol” has become and in the child’s mind they see that “The drugs must not be that bad”.
When my teacher was talking about this, I realized that this is the same thing we do in the church. Many of our youth see that even the leaders in the church had a chance to "live a little" as teens. They see the leaders sin as a cool testimony and want one of their own. Many times the youth are being lead astray by the idea of witnessing.
My teacher also talked about how the program would be better suited to a prison program. It would help to encourage rather then prevent. In the same way, I think testimonies or important. The Bible talks about how we should give our testimonies. However, a testimony is simply a public avowal. Therefore it’s not necessarily "how you became a Christian” but rather what God is doing in your life. If a person's testimony it’s continually changing then I think that could be a problem.
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