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Things To Do Instead Of Drugs

Ok, Garry came up to me, and was like “People wonder why kids do drugs. Well, I found out in the principals office today. It was just sitting there on his desk.” He then handed me a card and said “ Because teachers give me this as an alternative!!! lol” I read the card. I don’t think that I have laughed so hard in a really long time. The card said this………

Things To Do Instead Of Drugs
Talk to friends- Play Games- Play a sport- Smell a flower- Draw a picture- Smile- Make someone else smile- Solve a riddle- Jump rope- Whistle a tune- Fly a kite- Do a favor- Play catch- Join a club- Swing on a swing- Enjoy a hobby- Make a model- Do magic tricks- Trade cards- Go bowling- Wish on a star- Give a hug- Get a hug- Read a poem- Climb a tree-Roll in the grass- Keep a Promise- Think happy thoughts- Go swimming- Write to friends- Ride a bike- Have a picnic- Make a gift- Do a Cartwheels- Eat ice cream- Volunteer- Start a garden- Walk barefoot in the sand- Play in the park- Listen to birds- Make someone laugh- Improve you score- Go fishing- Watch the ocean- Kiss a parent- Play some hoops- Sing- Play an instrument- Start a collation- Play with your pet- Cheer someone up- Do a good deed- Build a sand castle- Do better than the last time- Brighten someone’s day

Now, every time I ask him what he is doing, he says “ I’m going to wish on a star, kiss my parents, or maybe even think happy thoughts!!!!”
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