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Its the little things in life that make me happy;)

Has anyone else ever had to dig under the seats in their car for gas money? Yeah, so I finished my papers last night and realized that I didn’t have any paper. So, I was just going to run to the church a get some……Mom told me that for her sanity I needed to take one of the kids with me (we had around 25 people here). So, as I was running out the door I grabbed Emmie. It wasn’t cooled, so I didn’t bother to put socks or shoes on her. I get about halfway there, and remember that my car was sitting on E the last time I drove it. So I pull into my all time favorite coffee shop (also doubles as a gas station) and start digging for loose change. Much to my surprise I found $1.16! Yeah, so here I am looking like crap, with a barefooted, pajamas wearing kid on my hip. So can we say “redneck”!! lol The guy there is always so nice, and he gave me an even $2.00 worth of gas!!! I was so happy!
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